The following is designed to help things run smoothly at the job and address some common questions.
PRICING: Our proposed menu price includes your prepared food and one Chef (me). Assistant chefs are charged at $25/hr. Wait staff are charged at $25/hr. A 15% gratuity is added to the Service Invoice. We can provide or recommend bartenders when requested. These bartenders are private contractors. We can also provide you with liquor purveyors’ contact information. All liquor and items from the bar are separate from the menu/service proposal.
RENTALS: All rental items such as dishes, flatware, glasses, tables, and tablecloths, tents, etc., can be arranged if desired for a 15% surcharge. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like us to handle the rentals.
It is customary for us to accept one half of the total cost of the food as a retainer when your menu is finalized (please make check payable to Frank J. Ruggerone). The reminder is expected after the clean up of your event is completed. A minimum headcount is necessary one week before the event.
FOOD POLICY: If the number of guests present is less than the final number planned for, it is our policy, under normal circumstances, to charge the agreed-upon amount and provide you with that portion of food to accommodate the difference. If your final count is more than we arranged for, we must adjust the price accordingly. This is usually determined through a plate count.
In the event that there is extra food following your party, it is our policy to leave clients with a complimentary variety of the party selections. (Please understand that we usually include our staff’s food in the dinner planning.) Please advise us beforehand if you do not wish us to leave you some of the food. We understand that any food that the client has purchased on his own remains, of course, the property of the client.
 Many sincere thanks for giving us the opportunity to work with you!
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